Thursday, August 30, 2012

REMINDERS and UPDATES for 2012-2013 :)

Hello all! It has been soooooo nice meeting everyone and getting to know my new group of students over the past few days! I am SUPER excited about every single class and have already seen some amazing talent in the small activities we have been working on for the past two days! :) I couldn't be happier.

Here are some reminders...

1. First of all, I look forward to meeting some of the parents on Tuesday Sept. 4th at WKMS's back to school night. At that time I will be reviewing the course outline, showing off some artwork, and reviewing required materials. I'll even have a little art activity for parents!

2. Students have received their syllabus and should therefore have it signed and turned back in to me by the beginning of next week. If a syllabus is lost, you can print out a copy at home by visiting my website Every document handed out in the class will be available through this website.

3. Sketchbooks are also needed by the beginning of next week. Spiral bound sketchbooks can be found at Wal Mart, A.C. Moore, Ollies, Office Depot, etc. If there are any issues finding or buying sketchbooks please do not hesitate to email me.

***Last, but certainly not least, PARENTS AND/OR STUDENTS (7th and 8th Grade only) can sign up for text message reminders about homework, project dates, etc. through Remind101. Students have received directions on how to sign up. No phone numbers are exchanged, and students (or parents) are not able to respond to the messages sent. FAQ's are on the back of the handout students received on the first day of class.

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

StARTing a NEW school year! :) 2012-2013

I have just a few announcements to start the new school year off right! First of all, I have a new website with TONS of information about Visual Art. You can link to this blog and find information about our classes, resources, printouts of assignments, rubrics, websites, and more.

1. To my surprise, I walked into my art classroom last Friday to THIS.....

Just look at my beautifully sanded and shiny tables!!!!! I'm so excited to start getting messy! JUST KIDDING! We will do our very best to keep them looking like brand new. :) 

2. The Frederick Fair is coming up. I would like to encourage my artist friends and students to submit pieces of artwork. I will have information about submission dates and guidelines posted soon. Not only can you win a ribbon, *whisper, you get into the Frederick Fair for FREE!  It's worth it. 

3. Start brainstorming! There is a Frederick County Fire and Rescue poster contest coming up! The theme is "Have two ways out." Come to school with some ideas!